The KonMari Method: How to Declutter and Organize Your Home

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If you are one of those people who can’t just walk by a sale sign. Or do you frequent flea markets? Or just love to collect knick-knacks. If that’s so, your dresser might be overflowing with stuff. And it is quite possible that you have run out of drawers and wardrobes to put your stuff in.

Now’s the time to try out the KonMari Method.

What’s the KonMari Method?

The KonMari Method is a Japanese method of decluttering and organizing your home. Developed by tidying expert Marie Kondo, this method is a one-time tidying work. Kondo claims in her book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ that if you do it once, you won’t have to do it ever again. For some, the KonMari Method might be extreme. Kondo claims that once you commit to the process, you will enjoy a better lifestyle. Less stress and better control of your life.

Kondo has been featured various times of media. She has been featured in the Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue Magazine, The New York Times and the London Times. You might have also seen her on the Ellen Show and the Rachael Ray Show. Recently, Netflix has released their series on the KonMari Method, ‘Tidying Up’, featuring Marie Kondo.

How to De-clutter and Organize using the KonMari Method

If you’re planning on trying out the Konmari Method, this might help you understand the entire concept:

Follow the Plan

If you are a regular pack rat, you might the process of tidying up overwhelming. Don’t give up just yet. Marie Kondo offers baby steps to get the work done. Start tidying up in categories.

She divides the process into 5 steps.  Step one is the clothes. Start with all clothing items including your shoes, hats, scarves. Everything.

Then move on to books and papers. The next set up is the miscellaneous items. The fourth part is the kitchen. Last come your sentimental items including photo albums and greeting cards.

Discard First, Organize Later

In the KonMari Method, you should be discarding your clutter first. When you start organizing, you will have fewer things to move.

Does it Spark Joy?

When it comes to clearing out the junk, there’s always the question of what to throw away. There are so many times when I kept a few things thinking I might need them later. Perhaps, a pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore, but hey, optimism.

What happens is that we are left with basically the same amount of things. Marie Kondo offers great advice here. Her idea is to hold each item of clothing, and ask yourself does this spark joy for me. The word she uses is ‘Ching!’ Does your heart light up when seeing that particular item?

If it does, it’s a keeper.

Discard the rest

If you have trouble starting, start with the clothes that you absolutely love. This will give you a clear direction.

Kondo also suggests treating your possessions like people. Thank the clothes you want to discard for serving you. Even the things you keep, handle them with love. This will create an appreciation for all the things that you do have.

Konmari Folding Method

This is another great piece of advice. How to store and organize clothes. Miss Marie suggests folding clothes as small as possible. This ensures that your clothes will have fewer wrinkles when you want to wear them.

Also, when putting clothes, or any other items in your drawers, place them in a manner that you can see them all. For instance, when putting clothes, instead of stacking them one on top of the other, arrange to stand upright together. This way you won’t have to dig through the top layers to find out a favorite tee you haven’t used in a while.

Kondo discourages the stacking method. There’s always the chance of the pile toppling and creating a newer mess.

Arrange by Category

Have you ever calculated the time we waste looking for things? It’s so frustrating. The Konmari Method offers a very simple solution. Arrange by category. Put all the cleaning supplies together. The same goes for gardening, laundry, craft supplies etc.

When it comes to cutlery, store the good silverware in one place and the everyday one in the other. Make sure you keep your everyday items in easily accessible areas. The special ones can be stored in the top cupboards.

Put It In Smaller Boxes

Use smaller boxes to organize your big drawers and cupboards. This way all your things won’t end up as one big mess again. Even when putting in smaller boxes, you can arrange them in similar categories.

Are you ready to take on this challenge? I’d say take the plunge and you will feel proud of yourself.