The ‘Mile Low’ Club is Real

While I was at work today a coworker of mine stumbled upon something that I think is totally awesome. We’ve all heard of the mile high club but have you heard of the mile low club? Apparently, it is a real and happening thing and I think it’s kind of awesome. Though it does come at a hefty price of $250,000 and up so it would definitely be an elite club.

mile low clubThe mile low club begins at the Caribbean island of your choice and consists of a lavishly decorated submarine filled with all the necessities needed to have a great night. You are greeted with a glass of champagne then whisked to your rose petal covered bed complete with a Barry White soundtrack.

If you’re feeling hungry after all that beautiful sea exploration while cuddling, don’t fear, a full aphrodisiac menu is available for you to feast on. You can enjoy anything from oysters to chocolate fondant with hints of pomegranate. After all that eating you can use a two person shower at the request to wash off all that mess and of course officially enter into the mile low club if you’d like.

mile low club

If only they made these excursions more affordable…but then again they would probably become disease ridden and disgusting if so. Feel free to check out Oliver’s Travels if you have the funds to take this once in a lifetime trip.

  • Peter Shanks

    This is so badass! I wonder how deep they get? I suppose that isn’t the whole idea, but it would be amazing to see the sea life up close through a sheet of glass.