The Rave Run

rave run phoenixAfter watching the second one on one date on the Bachelor I got all pumped up and wanted to write about the Rave Run. On Juan Pablo’s date he runs all the up to the front of the Electric Run to start the whole thing. Seeing him and his date running and dancing made me so jealous since I remember the blast I had at the Rave Run.

I don’t remember how I exactly purchased my registration for the run but I do remember rushing in last minute to get in line right before the first wave. I snapped all of my glow gear and collected a couple of vitamin waters and headed off. The run was full of lights everywhere! They were lining the streets, in the trees, arches of lights, and the list goes on. Music was also throughout the whole run. I didn’t care for the course layout since you had to backtrack but that’s common for downtown Phoenix runs.

rave run phoenixOnce we reached the end there was snacks and water and porta-johns everywhere since there were tons of participants. I grabbed what I wanted and headed over to the main stage where most of the crowd was. Once I reached the front of the stage I was greeted by go go dancers, a DJ, and people dancing and having a blast. I’m not much for the rave type scene but I actually did throughly enjoy myself.

Overall the run was a blast and would have been even better with alcohol but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. Also, when I went to pick up my swag at packet pick up they didn’t have my shirt size and told me to pick it up at the run. After I completed the run I went up to the stand to pick it up and they informed me that they still didn’t have shirts my size only much larger ones and that I would have to leave my mailing address to receive the shirt. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty annoyed but there was nothing I could do about it so I left my information and waited the 2 week period for my shirt to arrive. Well 2 months later and no shirt so after complaining some I finally received one. I know, might sound petty but running shirts are really my favorite souvenir after medals. The shirt was nice and soft and worth complaining to get.

Disregarding the shirt incident however the run was well organized and they delivered on what they advertised. It was a great time and I will definitely be participating again.

rave run phoenix