The Secret to Giving Your Leather Furniture New Life

Masta PlastaPIN IT!Leather furniture is great for so many things. For starters, it’s great for children. It doesn’t matter if they spill their cup or leak body fluids, clean up without stains is a breeze. Over time though, your leather can start to wear from cracks to tears. Luckily, I found out the secret to giving your leather furniture new life.

Leather Care

This may go without saying but taking care of your leather furniture is key. If you don’t keep your leather furniture in tip top shape, the leather will break down even faster. What is leather care? Simple. It’s wiping up the spills as soon as they happen and conditioning the leather twice a year. Simple tasks like these go a long way.

Keep Out the Light

Living in a sunny state can make this difficult but keep your leather furniture out of the sun. Over time leather can fade and break down if exposed to extreme temperatures consistently. If you’ve had your leather in the sun, rearrange it to avoid further damage.

Patching Holes

MastaPlastaPIN IT!When you move leather furniture, you have to take extra care not to damage it. Unfortunately, during our last move, the corners of our leather couches suffered from a couple tears. Though they weren’t huge, they were still an eye sore. One in particular even had a metal piece bent and drove me nuts.

Don’t fret though folks, the secret to giving your leather furniture new life is MastaPlasta Leather Repair Kits. MastaPlasta has created an everyday solution to torn and cracked leather. No more waiting on a repair man or trying to tediously fix it yourself. With MastaPlasta you can purchase any color and size of repair kit you need. They even have a variety of different textures to choose from as well.

What tools do you need? Well, two. Both of your hands! MastaPlasta is an adhesive patch that you peel and stick in a flash. Remember those torn corners on my couch I told you about earlier? Fixed in a matter of seconds! Here are the before and afters.

MastaPlastaPIN IT!As you can see, the leather repair kit seamlessly blended with our couch. No more getting my shorts caught on that pesky metal piece and no more eye sores when guests come over. As if I couldn’t be more excited about giving our leather furniture new life, MastaPlasta is a truly eco-friendly fix for your leather as its water based and solvent free.

The secret to giving your leather furniture new life is simple. Keep it out of the sun, keep it clean, and keep it free of tears and holes with MastaPlasta. If you want to see what MastaPlasta can do for you, head on over to Amazon here and check out all the colors, sizes, and textures to choose from!