The Struggle of Taking an Un-Selfie

Struggling with taking photos of me doing different tasks or my yoga poses outside, I would always try to come up with different strategies as to how I can anchor my phone to get a photo for an “un-selfie” as I like to call it. No matter what I did, I always ended up cutting off half of my shot. Then it dawned on me. Why haven’t I invested in a tripod like the GOMA squid?


The GOMA squid is a 3 legged tripod that is perfect for taking selfies from different angles and not to mention, time lapse videos. Its super lightweight and has adapters for your phone as well as your GoPro, both of which I use frequently. Here are is a shot I took using the squid from my “un-selfie.”


As you can see, it can be used for all different angles and wrap around all kinds of different objects. The one of Little E and I on my yoga mat was taken by wrapping the squid around a tree branch. My only con I had with it was that the legs and connector would pop off occasionally when wrapping. Nothing major but still a nuisance when you’re hanging it from objects. Overall, I would highly recommend it for anyone who’d like to take the perfect un-selfies of your own!