Scaling the Willis Tower

willis towerWhile in Chicago we had about 6 hours of free time the day before we left to enjoy the city. I had a couple places in mind to check out with the Willis Tower(formerly known as the Sears Tower) being one of them at the top of the list.

The Willis Tower

willis towerWe took a cab to the tower and headed in side quickly as it was freezing outside. When you enter the building you are immediately directed to an elevator and go down to the bottom floor. Once you arrive there you go through a quick security check and then wait in a slow line to have your photo taken.

My love and I didn’t care about having a photo taken but when we tried to explain that so we could skip the option, the employees refused to let us pass or get out of the picture taking. This pissed me off since they force you to have your photo taken but whatever.


From there we got our tickets and headed into another elevator. This time they crammed about 20 of us in there and I was slightly panicking. I am claustrophobic and sometimes I can handle but when you are packed so tightly in a small space going 103 floors into the air, yeah, not so much.

willis towerAs we went up each floor there was a tv that informed you of various facts and every time you passed height of another significantly tall building. Though the elevator moved rather quickly, the higher we got the more the cart shook and the more I started to panic a little more. Thankfully we reached the top before I freaked though.

Once we were out of the box of doom you could roam freely around and see awesome views of the city. Unfortunately, it was extremely hazy and cloudy that day so the pictures weren’t extremely pretty but still an awesome sight to see.

willis tower

The Skydeck

As we made our way around the gift store and almost to the end of our loop, we noticed these 3 sections where there was a small, all glass walk out that you could enter and take photos. Now, I’m not scared of heights but this thing sketched me out a little. My boyfriend is scared of heights but oddly enough suggested that we do it.

willis towerAfter waiting literally 20 minutes for ONE family ahead of us to finish their over-posed photo shoot out, we finally could walk out on it. I definitely took small little cautious steps out on it but once I was out there it was too terribly bad. We had a girl in line take a photo of us and then quickly moved on.

willis towerThe Willis Tower in Chicago is definitely a sight to see and I did enjoy myself. The only slight downfall was the weather but I will definitely be checking out the tower again when the weather is more clear.

  • Victoria

    OMG there is actually no way that I could go out on that glass. You must have nerves of steel!! It looks like a cool building though.