Things to Do in Downtown Georgetown, SC

Downtown GeorgetownAs the third oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown is full of hospitality and rich southern history. Some historians claim that American history began in 1526 with the earliest settlement by Europeans and African slaves being in Georgetown. With its beautiful moss covered oak treesPIN IT! lining the streets of plantations, this small town appears to be forgotten.

Recently I had to fly to South Carolina to attend my great grandmother’s funeral and it was the first time I had been back in close to 10 years. Though I was there for a heartbreaking reason, I decided to take my free time exploring the small town I spent most of my childhood in.

Grab A Sweet Treat

downtown georgetownPIN IT!There are many sweet stops in downtown Georgetown but my favorite is Sweeties Chocolate. Homemade chocolate just always speaks to my heart and I can’t deny it. I indulged on a wide variety of treats from chocolate covered pretzels to salted swirls. Hands down favorite were the peanut clusters and the heavenly could have eaten 20, peanut butter cups. They were seriously SO GOOD. Sweeties, feel free to mail me more.

Stroll the Harborwalk

downtown georgetownPIN IT!After you grab everything you need to hit your sweet tooth, walk the harbor. Georgetown has a beautiful wooden boardwalk that allows you to gaze at the water while strolling at your own pace. You can check out all the hidden restaurants you might have missed from the street while seeing baby ducks follow the leader. Interested in a boat tour? No problem! There a variety of boat tours for you to hop on.

Visit the Rice Museum

downtown georgetownI don’t know how I never visited this museum when I was younger. I remember wanting to sneak pass the chained entry way to find out what was upstairs but I never did. Turns out, the Rice Museum is a 1 hour guided tour that was so incredibly enlightening.

We headed upstairs to get an idea on how rice was planted, the slaves, the plantations, and more. We learned how plantation owners paid their workers and saw actually money and slips that were used. We were able to see original rice plowing tools and bags of different rice types. I learned how much money Georgetown use to make and how they were the dominate rice provider in the 1850’s which blew my mind.

downtown georgetownPIN IT!As we went up more floors we witnessed an actual boat pulled from the river. It was made with different types of wood and looked incredible. It’s baffling to think that people traveled on such a fragile device. We were also able to flip through old ledgers to see what people use to buy and the costs. Their handwriting was so pretty back then!

Even though my trip was short, I was able to explore quite a bit of downtown Georgetown. I would love to plan a future trip where I have more time to find more treasures to share with you all. In the meantime, enjoy these three things you can do in downtown Georgetown, South Carolina.

  • corinne & kirsty

    A rice museum? so funny. I love museums so i’d probably go there first. I have heard georgetown is amazing and super pretty xx corinne

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    Yum the sweets look delicious, I know my kids would love that stop! The rice museum sounds like a great way to learn some southern history! georgetown looks like a beautiful place!

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    So awesome! South Carolina is such a gorgeous state. I would enjoy checking out that rice museum. I love history!

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    Georgetown looks like an amazing place to visit. My kiddos and I would definitely love checking out all those sweet treats!

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    HARBORWALK looks interesting.It looks like a great place.:)

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    The boardwalk looks amazing! I would love to visit this one day! I hear amazing things about georgetown!

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    A RICE MUSEUM! What! =D My boyfriend would be all over it. If it was up to him I would be cooking rice every single day. I am so using this information to drag him to Georgetown.

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    I’m sorry you had to travel for a sad reason, but it’s nice that you got to put a more positive spin on the trip with some sightseeing. I’d be so interested to visit the rice museum one day

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    I love visiting Georgetown. It’s such a great little town!

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    How beautiful is that city! Many interesting things to see, this museum seems so cool! Would love to visit it one day.

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    I do love the wooden boardwalk. It always feels vacation-y to me. 😉

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    I’m sorry for your loss. Georgetown sounds great. I would be willing to get my hands on some sweets. The rice museum sounds very interesting, it’s fun to learn a little history.

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    Your list is great. I’d love to save it and read it again later. I haven’t been to downtown Georgetown but definitely will get there in the nearest future!

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    It is always lovely to visit an old town. I had the similar feeling when I visted mine, and it was nice experience too full of childish memories.

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