Things You’ll Miss When Becoming a Parent

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys you will experience in your life time. The incredibly bond you have with your child is unlike any other. After having Little E I always said you will never know how much your parents love you until you have a child of your own.


Yeah, remember those quick in and out trips you use to make to the store? Yeah, those aren’t going to happen anymore. Now you are going to be asked to buy every toy, shirt, dog treat, candy, and any other item that becomes magically interesting to your child now. Have fun with those melt downs too! They’re a flipping blast!

shopping with kids

Eating hot food

Ah food. Delicious, HOT food. Yeah, that’s gone too. Instead of getting to eat with everyone else you get to make everyone else’s food then yours then sit down only to get up because you forgot EVERYTHING. Yeah, they wanted the yellow fork not blue and milk not water and where are the napkins?! WHERE ARE THEY?!


Using the Bathroom

The bathroom. You know that place you go to do private things? If you thought that was a good hiding spot, ha! That’s a breeding ground for children! They must follow you in there and ask you 349724059872495 questions about life as if they have smoked a bowl and need to know the meaning of life.

bathroom break

Getting Ready

Need to rush out of the door? Not happening. You’re “I can be out the door in 10 minutes” had now moved to can I meet you in an hour? Maybe? Don’t be mistaken thinking that you have an hour to get ready either, no, no. You have 10 minutes still, the kids require the remaining 50 minutes.


Sleeping in

I never slept in too much, I’d say no later than 10am but once you have kids you better like waking up at 6am. If you think locking the door while help, keep dreaming. They will hit and scream and wail until you open it.


A Clean House…NOT! Men keep it dirty so you never stood a chance.

Even though they drive us UP the wall we all know they are worth every minute of it. I would not trade anything for my kids. Being a parent isn’t for everyone but it is for me.

What do you miss most?