Tracking My Third Trimester with Bloomlife

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“This post is sponsored by Bloomlife however, I’m in love with this product so all opinions are definitely my own!”

What if I told you that you could stop guessing when you’re having a contraction? That you could see your contractions in real time? Sounds awesome, right? Well, look out pregnant mamas! The Bloomlife contraction monitor is here to give you that peace of mind.

Bloomlife is the world’s first clinically validated smart pregnancy tracker on the market. Dedicated to empowering expecting moms, Bloomlife is helping us have more personalized information at our fingertips. Through their pregnancy tracker app, pregnant women can track and count their contractions automatically. Talk about a game changer!

What does it come with?

The Bloomlife consists of three parts; the app, sensor, and reusable patches. The sensor comes with a charger that holds a fairly long battery life. You snap the sensor into the reusable patches which can be worn up to a week before getting tacky and not sticking well. The app is available in the app store but of course, can’t work without the sensor.

BloomlifePIN IT!But does it actually work? How?

At first, even though clinically validated, I questioned the Bloomlife’s ability to actually track my contractions and accurately. After following the super simple directions via the app and provided pamphlet, I applied it to my lower belly and clicked start session. I was incredibly amazed to see the result immediately displaying.

Sometimes I question if what I am feeling is a contraction or just pressure from the baby pushing on me. I know, you would think being on my third baby I would know by now but I still second guess myself to this day. Not to mention I had mostly back labor with my first two so feeling contractions in a more regular way has been a bit confusing for me.

Turns out, Bloomlife has actually been extensively proven to be accurate, reliable, and safe when clinically validated against hospital based systems. Please know, that it is not toco which measures the effect of a contraction, instead, it works by measuring the cause of a contraction, aka muscle activity. Similar to an EKG for tracking cardiac rhythms.

The tracker is 100% passive and reads the natural chatter of your muscles without sending any energy into the body. This means it is safer than an ultrasound and Doppler. Pretty cool, right?

Why I’m in Love with Bloomlife

Every pregnancy is different just like every baby is different. This pregnancy for me has been the most different from my other two thus far. Bloomlife can’t detect the difference between a Braxton hick contraction and an active labor contraction but since I know the differences, it serves as a trusted second opinion in helping me decide on when it’s time to go to the hospital.

For instance, if my contraction regularity and timing are falling into line with active labor signs, I’m able to relay this information to the L&D department before heading in. No fumbling around with a stopwatch or another app and trying to remember to tap every time I’m having a contraction. That’s a type of empowerment that lets me and my husband feel more in charge of making personal decisions about my labor. These are screenshots of my sessions below!

BloomlifePIN IT!Questions I know You Have

When I first found out about Bloomlife, I had a ton of questions. Here are a few quick answers to help you in deciding if the Bloomlife is a good fit for you. Of course, you can always check out their FAQ here for more information.

When Should I Get a Bloomlife?

Most women like getting the Bloomlife in their last 6 weeks of pregnancy as your body is prepping for labor. If you want more security with the monitoring you can get it as soon as you’d like though.

How Often Do I Use It?

Honestly, you can use it as much or as little as you’d like. I tend to get contractions when sitting at the computer for awhile so I like to track them then. When I have contractions happening more frequently though, I put it on no matter what I’m doing.

Will Bloomlife Work with Twins?

Yep! It works just as well with multiples as it does singletons. Score!

How Do I Get a Bloomlife?

To get your very own Bloomlife just head on over to their website – You can request to have yours shipped to you immediately or you can set up a specific date to have it shipped to you. For instance, the start of your third trimester.

How Much Does a Bloomlife Cost?

The Bloomlife is actually charged at a weekly rate of $20 per week. Therefore you can decide how long or short you’d like to have the device for. For you lucky readers of mine, I’ve got a Bloomlife code to save you 10% off the weekly rental rate. Just enter “JH10” when checking out to save!

Is Bloomlife Covered By Insurance?

Unfortunately, it is not. However, it is FSA and HSA qualified and Bloomlife’s support team can happily send you an itemized receipt for the use of the sensor.

BloomlifePIN IT!Bloomlife has been a highlight in my late pregnancy, making me feel more connected to my body by providing accurate information quickly. This wearable sensor has given me peace of mind with my upcoming due date coming up and I can’t wait until my newest addition arrives.

  • Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I had a lot of Braxton Hicks with my first baby, but I knew they weren’t real contractions. I knew when they were real with the first two and then my third was a section. This would be great for someone that has a lot of false labor.

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    Never heard of this but I do have a couple of friends that are pregnant and I bet they would love something like this. I never did feel contractions until they became so intense I can hardly handle it. Something like this would’ve been nice to have.

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    OH, my goodness! Times have sure changed since I had my babies. What a fun way to keep track of things. That’s amazing.

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    This is such a great tool to track your pregnancy. I remember pregnancy being one of the most exciting times of my life but there were also aches & pains too lol. Definitely worth it all though!

  • Dona

    I can see why this device would be wanted. I’m way out of the baby making stage of life and did everything very traditionally, however, I see Bloomlife’s relevance. The price is also very nice, even worth it if you’ve experienced false contractions.

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