Thriving & Striving for Technology in Education

Technology in EducationPIN IT!We all know the important role technology plays when it comes to education. The two literally go hand in hand in our personal lives, career, hobbies and more. I remember being a kid and learning how to type when I was in third grade. Now kids as young as two can navigate smartphones like they were born to do it.

In our family, we have three antsy boys. Though the youngest isn’t in school yet, Evan is in 2nd grade, Max is in preschool, and both are thriving. A large part of their education is the opportunity to learn through technology. Both boys have access to tablets and educational programs that are intuitive and strive to incorporate technology in their classrooms.

As a computer technology major, I’ve always believed that having technology in our home is very important. The world is growing and evolving and so are our technological advances. I don’t want my boys left behind– I want them advancing and learning. Thankfully, there are programs like the CenturyLink Teachers and Technology program here in Phoenix that aim to do just that.

STEM Education Supporters

Most of you know CenturyLink supports communities across the state by providing reliable internet service. This includes not only your home but businesses and most importantly, our schools. CenturyLink has also always been a large supporter of education and technology.

For the month of May, CenturyLink is continuing to nurture the technology that fuels learning by supporting several important programs in Arizona communities. This May, CenturyLink will be providing more than $124,000 to 27 teachers across Arizona in support of enhancing the innovative use of technology in their classrooms. On top of that CenturyLink is also providing a total of $1.4 million in Teachers & Technology grants for STEM programs nationwide. That’s some serious educational support!

Every 8 year old loves their tablet but that doesn’t mean you can’t work it into an educational experience. Every 3 year old loves playing games on their parent’s phone but those games can also be teaching valuable lessons. Education and technology will continue to grow together, and I hope companies like CenturyLink keep supporting the future of our little ones.

“This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CenturyLink. The opinions and text are all mine.”

  • Wander With Ola

    Yeah, that’s so true, the technology has improved so rapidly, and of course we do not want our kids to be left behind. The programs are so amazing, thank you for sharing this and letting us know about it!

  • Joan Cajic

    I was always against technology and education but to be honest, in this generation it really helps and also helped my son when he totally refused to talk in nursery.

  • Cassie

    Technology can be a great asset in teaching children. Mine love their tablets but we have set time limits.

  • Louise

    There’s a fine line between exposing children to the technology that is essential for their development and them having too much time on iPads etc. It’s tough to get that balance sometimes! Centurylink’s scheme sounds great though 🙂

  • Amber Myers

    This is good to know! My kids love learning with technology. STEM is important. My daughter has always loved it.

  • Agata

    Technology can be a curse or a blessing – all depending on the usage.

  • What Corinne Did

    I was never for tech in school even though I am not a parent but with kids now growing up with tech it is essential they know how to use it and protect themselves from it!

  • kim

    love how apps can be used to educate children

  • Eliz

    I agree. The advancement in technology grows at a very rapid rate sometimes its vital they know how to use to their benefit.

  • Conscious Health Writer

    In this day and age, I believe schools need to catch up with technology to keep kids interested!

  • Sam

    Technology is so advanced these days, especially in the last decade. Schools definitely need to keep up!

  • Blair Villanueva

    Technology helps many of us and the kids to learn in-advance and faster. That’s why it is also recommended to have advancement in school, but with proper guidance.

  • Anjali W

    I agree technology plays an important role in todays world! I hope it inculcates in schools as well!

  • Sulav Sapkota

    True. Education sector needs to consider upgrading learning through technology. Thank you for sharing such a useful topic.

  • Nisha

    There is a good and a bad aspect to Everything. A limit and proper guidance must be set to protect and secure others. Thank you for sharing this knowledge

  • Ziaul Hasan

    A great write up with a lot of beautiful images…thank you for the post