Tips for Choosing the Right Kindergarten

Choosing the Right KindergartenPIN IT!

Kindergarten is a big step for your little one and an even bigger step for you as a parent. You are letting your 5-year-old venture off into the world without you. It’s a scary feeling but one that comes with growing up. When looking for a school keep these tips in mind when choosing the right kindergarten.

Take a Tour

Do you connect with the faculty and environment? What kind of vibe did the school give you? I remember when I was looking for a school for Evan I looked at several schools before choosing one. Some schools seemed cold and too strict while others felt too lax and unsupervised. You want to feel the right vibe when choosing the right kindergarten.

Assess the Teaching

Look at what they teach and how they teach. With common core running rapid, I was nervous about Evan going to a school that teaches it. I know many children thrive with no problem but it still worried me. If you are concerned about how certain subjects are taught, consider this in your decision.

Choosing the Right KindergartenPIN IT!Parental Involvement

Choose schools that welcome parental involvement and have strong PTA’s. Parent involvement can make or break your child’s school experience. Having the opportunity to come visit when appropriate or participate in field day makes all the difference. Seeing parents volunteer at cross walks and more let me know that the school I was choosing was the right one.

Test Scores

Take with a grain of salt, newer tests provide unreliable feedback – better perspective is found asking current parents if instruction prepared their child to transition to the next academic step. Of course, test scores are important but I would look at 3-4 years of test scores to get an accurate measurement. Ensuring that your child is prepared for tests is what matters most.

Following these tips should help you in choosing the right kindergarten for your child. You will be able to spot you want and what you don’t want in a school. However, when all is said and done, you just want a happy, thriving child in school.