Tips for Eliminating Pet Hair

Pet hair everywhere. When you are home alone, you don’t actually care about it. But when friends come over, it feels pretty embarrassing. And when it gets on your clothes, that’s kind of frustrating. There are not many effective ways to deal with pet hair because, to be honest, no matter how hard you try, it sticks so tight to your furniture and floors you can’t get it all. But at least you can keep it at bay using a few methods. Check out how you can eliminate pet hair from your furniture, carpets, floors and clothes.

Eliminating Pet Hair


Mop bare floors, laminate and hardwood floors with a dry microfiber or electrostatic mop. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, they just aren’t effective. All they do is blow stuff around instead of sucking it.

For carpet, vacuum twice and go over some areas as many times as necessary to eliminate pet hair. Make sure to also alternate directions so that some stubborn hairs can loosen. Another way to go is to rub a pumice stone against the carpet. Before you know it, hair will be off the carpet and on the stone. If you are gentle enough, it won’t damage your item.


For wooden furniture: Spray your wooden furniture with anti-static dusting spray or furniture polish. Then wipe down with a soft dry cloth. The reason you want to use an anti-static spray is that you need to remove the electric charge from the wood so you can get rid of pet hair with ease. What’s more, using such a spray will keep pet hair at bay for a while.

For upholstery: Put on rubber gloves and soak them in water. Then run your hands over your upholstered furniture and pay attention to the most affected areas. Pet hair will attach to the gloves. When there is enough hair on the gloves, simply rinse. Repeat the procedure if necessary. (Professional HomeCleaners warn to be careful not to clog your sink with hair when rinsing off the gloves. Perhaps it’s best to rinse them outside.)

Now, use dampened sponge if you don’t have rubber gloves at the ready. Another method is to use good old adhesive tape. Simply wrap a piece of tape around your hand but make sure the sticky side is facing the furniture. Again, run your hand over the surface and watch the nasty hair stick to the tape. The only trouble with this method is that you have to replace every piece of tape after one swipe. This will waste lots of tape.


If there is too much hair on your clothes and nothing else works, try using dryer sheets. Toss your clothes in the dryer along with some dryer sheets. Let the machine work its magic.

If you are lucky enough, there will be small amounts of pet hair on your clothes. The best way to deal with them is to use good old lint rollers. It’s a wise idea to keep one at hand beside your door so you can get rid of pet hair right before you go out.

Yet the best way to cut down on pet hair in your home is to regularly brush your furry friend. Some people even suggest vacuuming your pets, but that depends. How likely are your little buddies to hate you forever after doing this? See, some dogs and cats may get traumatized and you need to be careful. If you are planning to use this method anyway, at least make sure to introduce the vacuum to your pet in advance. They need to get used to the noise it makes in the first place. It is also a good idea to attach a thin sock to the hose of the vacuum before you power on the machine.

What other methods have you tried and are they effective?