5 Tips to Look and Feel Good at the Airport

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We all love the excitement of setting off for a holiday. Things can seem hectic when you’ve got a flight to catch and there can be a lot of last-minute things to prepare, including your look for the airport. It can be difficult to know what to wear and what to leave behind. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are five things you can do to look and feel good at the airport.

Strike a balance between comfort and style

Naturally, you’ll want to look stylish, but you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting and standing in lines, which means comfort needs to be a priority too. There’s no reason why you can’t focus on both.

Loose silhouettes, soft fabrics like cotton and hemp, and flat, comfortable shoes will all go a long way to making you feel more relaxed, plus it’s typically easy to find clothing like this. Why not go for the athleisure look and pair an oversized T-shirt with a good quality pair of leggings?

Wear something you can just throw on

The best kind of clothes are the ones that make you look like you’ve made an effort… even though you’ve barely thought about it. Long dresses are ideal for this — they’re lightweight but they keep you covered, and you can just throw them on and head out of the door. Choose one with bright colors and patterns for that first-day-of-holiday feel.

Layer up

If you’re going to a hot country, you won’t want to dress too warmly and be boiling when you arrive. Airports and plane cabins can be chilly places, thanks to the air conditioning, so you’ll need to be prepared for both scenarios. Layers are the answer.

Bring a lightweight jacket or waterfall cardigan that’s easy to slip on and off (you’ll need to put it in a tray when you go through security).

Feel Good at the AirportPIN IT!Slip on a pair of sandals — and skip the accessories


People wearing bulky shoes are always asked to take them off when they go through security. Save yourself the hassle and keep the summer vibes extended to the tip of your toes by slipping into a pair of sandals.

Not only will they keep your feet cool and supported, but they come in so many different varieties that you’re bound to find a pair or two to match your travel wardrobe. Classic neutrals go with pretty much everything, while summer shades like blues and citrus tones create a fun pop of color.


Airport security will ask you to remove accessories like belts and metal jewelry, so leave them at home or put them in your luggage if you want to wear them while you’re away.

If you’re worried about any valuables store them in your carry on luggage so you know where they are at all times. That way, you won’t fret about losing them if you’re separated from your checked baggage at any point during the trip.

Sunglasses are the exception to the ‘no accessories’ rule. They stop you from squinting when you first emerge from the plane at your destination and give you a bit of chic privacy when it’s early in the morning and you’re not fully awake yet.

Feel Good at the AirportPIN IT!Pack a mini rescue kit in your hand luggage

With all this focus on your wardrobe, it’s easy to forget about your skin and hair. But travel can leave you feeling a little grubby, to say the least. Pack a mini facial mist in your hand luggage so you can spritz it over your face whenever you need to feel refreshed, and don’t forget bands to keep your hair out of your face (why not try a braided updo?)

If you can’t go without makeup on the go, pack a multi-use product like a lip and cheek tint or gloss to add some color to your face.

How do you like to dress for the airport? Let me know in the comments.