4 Clever Tips to Make Moving Easier

make moving easierPIN IT!We have lived in our current house for three years which is the longest home I’ve ever lived in as an adult. Our lease if finally coming to an end and we are very excited to be moving into a bigger house. Though I love packing, it can be a pain. However, being a nomad all your life, you tend to pick up tips to make moving easier along the way.

Frequent Mover Tip

If you move often, ditch the boxes and buy plastic storage bins. I bought about 50 totes in 2012 to move and I’ve been using them the last 5 years. I don’t have to worry about searching for boxes to fit everything because I already have storage bins. They easy to stack and store without being a nuisance. Once you purchase a house or find somewhere you want to stay at for a long period of time, you can also sell them. Everyone loves a good cheap storage bin. Don’t have money for storage bins? Boxes still work great just don’t forget to grab tape!

Keep the Junk

I know you’re thinking in your head, what? Really though, you need to keep the junk..in your mailbox that is. All of those flyers and paper grocery store ads are the perfectly free way to protect your items.  My mailbox is literally crammed full every week so collecting enough should be no problem.

Bag It All Up

One thing I use to do when moving was pack my clothes in boxes. This is such a waste of space and totally unnecessary. Take all your clothing not on a hanger, and bag it up. Trash bags are cheap and one bag can hold multiple drawers of clothing easy. All your clothing on hangers? Keep it on the hangers and stack them in your car so they don’t wrinkle and you don’t have to take hours hanging it all back up.

Label Like It’s Christmas

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having friends help you move, its labels. If you label everything clearly on the boxes or totes, your friends can take it directly to its final destination instead of cramming everything in one space.

I, personally, use a Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker with many different tapes. Not only is the location clear and precise, you can also color code them. When you walk into a room and notice a wrong color, you’ll be able to move the box or tub to the correct location before it gets buried deep. The Brother P-Touch PT-D210 label maker is probably the easiest label maker I’ve ever used on top of that. I highly recommend grabbing one or ten!

Do you have any tips to make moving easier? WHAT ARE THEY?

  • Lauren Cheely

    I hope to be moving soon, so this is great tips to help when we do! I always hate moving, so anything like these helpful tips helps take the edge off!

  • Angela Zimsky

    Normally I move my clothes on hangers in the wardrobe boxes but it that isn’t an option I think that trash bags are a cheap and easy alternative. We used totes to move this most recent time because our apartments were literally right down the road from each other.

  • Cindy Gordon

    The last time we moved, I labeled everything. The first time I moved, I didn’t label and that was such a horrible experience.

  • Melanie Smith

    Those are great tips! I’m planning to moving next year, but I’m not sure. I will keep your tips in my mind. Thank you!

  • Lilly Moore

    These are great tips! I like the labeling idea.

  • Glenda

    These are some great tips for making moving easier. I agree with Bagging it up and leave the hangers. I also tried laying my clothes on the back seat of my car with hangers. Labeling everything helps speed up the process of unpacking.

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    I hate moving, I am not as organized as you and it tends to be a last minute free for all. I love the labeling tip, that sure would have helped me in our last move.

  • misty nelson dawn

    This is exactly what we need, next month we’re moving and I can use this tips. I hate moving too so stressing for me.

  • Rosey

    Labeling everything does make a big difference. You think you don’t need it, until the boxes arrive at the new place. 😉

  • angela milnes

    Wow, I need this tips. Moving was so stressing for me glad you share this post with us.

  • Claire Santiago

    This is really helpful. I remember when we moved to our own house, it was really hard especially if you don’t have a lot of trusted people to help you.