Turn Heads with the All New 2018 Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HRContinuing on our car hunt, the next vehicle in line is the all new 2018 Toyota C-HR. If you have missed out on my last post go here and here to catch upPIN IT!. As a refresher, here on the items on my list of must haves. I’m looking for a comfy bench 2nd row or a third row with captains chair, leather seats, and a reverse camera. Not a whole lot to ask for but definitely things I know I will need with 3 rambunctious boys.

The all new 2018 Toyota C-HR is the hottest new car to hit the pavement. Toyota has created a one of a kind vehicle that is not only a blast to drive but a head turner! I received more questions about the C-HR than any other vehicle I’ve driven so far. Everyone wants to know what it is and more about it.

2018 Toyota C-HR Features

Coming in at a cool $22k, the Toyota C-HR packs a small but mighty punch in comparison to its competitor, a Nissan Juke. With a combined city to highway mileage rank of 29 miles to the gallon, taking a road trip is cheap on the wallet.

The Toyota C-HR has all the latest features including a rearview camera, auto windows, and push to start. The C-HR also had two new features that I have never seen before in a car.  The first being full size bottle/cup holders in the back seat just like the front seats of cars. The second neat feature is when you unlock the doors, the windows fold out and shine the name of the car on the ground. I know, may sound silly but totally a touch that I love!

The back door handles of the car were interesting but seem a little cheap as if I may break them off eventually. Maybe it’s their ease of use but they made me nervous for sure!

Toyota C-HR

Would I Buy the Toyota C-HR?

Though this car is too small for my family, I definitely would be interested in buying it as a second vehicle. It is zoomy and great on gas for our across the valley trips when my husband has to pick up our oldest from school or go to work. I think this car is best for a family with kids not in a car seat larger than a booster or better yet, no car seat at all. You can view my video below to get a better look inside!