Unboxing: June 2017 Rocksbox

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Wearing jewelry hasn’t been big on my list for many years now. Recently, there has been a lot more indie styled jewelry however which has drawn me in. I love chunky stone jewelry and thin quirky cuffs. It’s just so elegant yet simple enough to wear everyday. Then Rocksbox entered my life and now I’m hooked.

What’s a Rocksbox?

I am no fashion blogger but man does this jewelry make me want to be! Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry subscription box. You start off by setting up your style profile, choosing styles and colors you prefer. From there you start adding jewelry to your wishlist and rank them in order of most wanted. Once a month, Rocksbox pulls three of your wishlist items and sends them directly to you. The best part is, its all a surprise.

After seeing that my first box shipped, I pretty much stalked my mailbox and email waiting for delivery. Finally it came and I ran like the wind bulleye. Sorry, I have a Toy Story obsessed toddler. Upon opening the box I was greeted with a little card that had my name on it. Inside were all the details of my jewelry and the pricing.

Gold, Stones, & Dangly Earrings, Oh my!

I opened my box and headed straight for the Kate Spade bag. Her and Kendra Scott are two of my favorite jewelry designers. I opened up the bag to find my Rise and Shine Small Studs in Jet. I died. Okay, maybe not but these studs were stunning! A center black stone with 3 crystal prongs holding everything in place, made me a sucker, and yes, I did decide to keep them!

Item number two was in a mysterious black bag. I opened it up to find Slate Issa Stacking Rings in Black & Howlite. Stacking rings are the cutest thing ever to me. You can have as many or as little as you like. Not to mention, these are stone and gorgeous. I have tiny fingers and were a half size so as much as I’d love to keep these, I can’t since they are a little too large.

My last mystery item in my Rocksbox were Slate Deborah Stone Drop Earrings. Now there are totally not my style, however, I knew this when adding them to my wishlist. That’s the best part about Rocksbox. You can go out of your comfort zone to try something different without committing until you’re ready too.

Getting to Business

If you’re interested in trying out a Rocksbox for yourself, here is the low down on what you need to know. For $21 a month you receive your items. Once you have checked them all out, you keep what you want and return what you don’t. With any piece that you keep, you get a $21 credit(your subscription fee) toward the piece(s) and Rocksbox charges you the difference. Didn’t like any of the pieces? No problem. Your monthly credit will keep rolling over until you find something you do love.

Ready to jump on board? Well let me give you your first box free using the code “TRYRBXOXO” and tell me what your think! Glam up or glam down, Rocksbox has you covered!

  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is such a great box! I love the pieces here. I need to look into Rocksbox.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    What an exciting monthly treat! I love that you never know what you are going to get! It is such a fun surprise!

  • Paula Schuck

    OH MY GOSH. That jewelry is fabulous. You have me wondering if they ship to Canada and if I should drop my makeup box subscription for this one!

  • Jeanette

    That would be SO cool! I would love to give myself a little gift each month! I might just want to spoil myself and get this!

  • Claudia Krusch

    Rocksbox looks like a great monthly subscription box. I have been looking for a new box to try. Subscription boxes make great gifts that keep giving all year long.

  • Joely Smith

    I used to get Rocksbox and loved it! I just had to cut back on spending but it was totally worth it and several of my favorite jewelry pieces came from them! I am in love with those bar hoop earrings! WANT!

  • Adaleta

    Those are really pretty items! It looks like a fantastic box!

  • Jeni

    What an awesome box. I love Kate Spade stuff, it’s so beautiful, yet affordable, and goes with absolutely everything. Great deal on the subscription as well!

  • Shannon Gurnee

    I would love to check out Rocksbox sometime. Looks like they have some good pieces of jewelry you can purchase!

  • Jennifer G

    OH my! I have never heard of Rocksbox before but now that I have… this looks amazing. I am going to have to go try this one as it seems like the best subscription box for me…

  • Eloise

    love this Rocksbox! I’ll have to look in to it more… who doesn’t like jewelry, am I right! it’s such an easy way to add color and elegance to the wardrobe ; )

  • Dawn McAlexander

    This is some pretty nice jewelry. This is the first box that I have seen for jewelry like this. I like how much you got. The Rocksbox looks pretty sweet.

  • ricci

    I used to get RocksBox and after reading your post I can’t remember why I quit?? I need to restart my subscription!!

  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    There are so many subscription boxes nowadays that I can’t keep up. Thanks for letting me know about Rocksbox.

  • Dogvills

    This is the first time I heard about the Rocks Box. These are beautiful jewelry pieces.

  • uprunforlife

    This is a fun goody box. I can’t wear most types of earrings. I have a metal allergy. 🙁

  • Natalie

    Those are beautiful pieces you receiving in your Rocksbox! Love those Kate Spade earrings.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    I have never heard of Rocksbox before. It sounds like something I will have to check out. The idea of getting different jewerly every month I love. This subscription box would make a great gift idea too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • E H

    Wow, I have never heard of a jewelry subscription box that is this good! Love that you can get different jewelry picked out for you – I get so overwhelmed in stores, and it is like getting a personal jewelry shopper working for you at no cost!

  • David Elliott

    IT is a beautiful box worth of stuff here. I am sure my daughter would love it anyway.