UNTAMED® T-REX Fingerlings are Ready to Roar!

T-REX FingerlingPIN IT!

Everyone knows how wildly popular WowWee Fingerlings were this past Christmas. Every kid wanted one and retailers were struggling to keep them on the shelves. Even my boys each got a monkey fingerling from Santa. Now that the holiday season has calmed down, its time to for the kiddos to get excited again for the last Fingerling to hit the market. Introducing the Untamed T-REx Fingerling!

These finger hugging, “King of the Dinosaurs” toys are fierce and unpredictable. They have an “untamed” mode where they hiss, chomp, and roar like all T-Rex’s do, especially with stranger dangers. Once they are in “tame” mode, this same unpredictable T-Rex will nuzzle, purr, and beg to be near you.

T-REX FingerlingPIN IT!

Like I stated above, both of my boys received a WowWee fingerling for Christmas. Max loves his monkey but when I surprised him with a T-Rex fingerling, it was love at first sight! No boy can resist a dinosaur! Max was so impressed by the grippy claws and snapping jaws of the T-Rex and decided to name him Chomper. Perfectly fitting if I do say so myself.

Chomper reacts to touch, sound, and motion just like the original fingerlings. With over 40 different sounds and animations, Max is constantly learning new “tricks” that Chomper can perform. He’s being carrying him around everywhere to show everyone what Chomper can do. I can’t lie, its the cutest duo.

There are a total of 4 different Untamed T-Rex Fingerlings to collect. The ferocious four will be released this Friday, 8/13/2018 at retailers nationwide for $15. So if your little one would love to own a finger sized prehistoric pet, then consider snagging one or all four of the UNTAMED T-Rexes.


t-rex fingerlingsPIN IT!