Vegas Super Spartan Race 2015

Since I already completed the Arizona Spartan Sprint this year the next piece of my puzzle to tackle was the Vegas Super Spartan Race. I knew it was going to be hot, I knew it was going to be long, but dear god. It was worse than I anticipated. I started at 8am and was still struggling so props to all of you who did late waves because I wouldn’t have been able to finish probably.

vegas super spartan raceThe race started off straight up some hills which wasn’t too bad then it wrapped around to a mountain. This mountain literally never ended and had to be a mile long all in itself, or so it felt. From there you headed down the mountain and see a tent in the distance. I got excited because I was so ready for water and arrived only to find out that there was no water there to greet me. So I trucked on until mile 4 where there was finally water. I know you are suppose to be prepared but even still, 4 miles with no water in the desert is ridiculous. The only upside to it was that there really weren’t any obstacles other than the mountain during those 4 miles.

Once I hit 4.5 miles is when all the obstacles started rolling in. From tire flips to sleigh push and pulls, atlas ball carries, etc. They were there all happily waiting to wear me the fuck out. Around mile 6 I started to feel the sun’s effects and started to slow down greatly. I couldn’t run any longer at this point as I thought I was going to pass out from the heat and I could feel the intense blisters that had already formed on my feet.

Dragging myself through to the end was the most intense thing I have ever done to date. I had to push myself so hard to complete this race. Though I had a baby in December, I never realized how much my hips would hurt from going that far of a distance but all that matters is that I drug myself across that finish line 3.5 hours later and then made an effort not to move the rest of the day.

Though I’m super proud that I was able to complete the Spartan Super, I do not want to compete in any more desert style races. I’ve been doing them for years and I’m over the dirt and dust and dry weather and would like a change of scenery.