How to Virtually Design Your Dream Living Room with Modsy

Do you ever gawk at beautifully styled homes and wish you could have your house look like them? Believe me, I definitely have! I know what I love but I never have any idea how to put it all together. I try but it ends up looking cheap or disheveled and then I throw it all out the door. Even worse, I can’t find the pieces that I know would be perfect even though I search everywhere. Not long ago, someone suggested I try a digital interior designer but it never peaked my interest because how could someone digitally pull off what I can’t? Moreover, where would I find the furniture they choose? How would I know if it would fit my living room? Is it within my budget?

I’m not trying to brag(okay, maybe a little because I’m so excited!) but I found the most amazing digital interior design platform and my view has done a complete 180. Introducing Modsy. Modsy is a personalized home design solution that utilizes technology to help you create a 3D virtual design you will LOVE. You can design one room or all of the rooms in your house, whatever your heart desires! Here’s how it works:

Virtually Design Your Dream Living Room with Modsy

Getting Started

The first thing you do when you’re ready to virtually design your dream room with Modsy is to select the room(s) you would like to design. This can be a bedroom, living room, office, etc. I personally hate my living room. We moved in and I threw photos(terribly I might add) on the wall and its been that way ever since so the choice was clear for me. Next you select your reason for the redesign. Do you need a complete overhaul? Want to update a few pieces? Struggling with your layout? Whatever it is, let Modsy’s design team know. Next you choose your budget. Yes, Modsy will work to create a design that works for your budget! 🙌 . Once your budget has been set, you will choose which designs you are drawn to. If you have no idea, don’t worry, there’s an option for that. From here, select your package based on what you need and you’re off to the next step.

Defining Your Style

Now that you’re on your way, it’s time to really narrow down your style. Modsy will show you various rooms and pieces within the rooms for you to select what you like and what you don’t. I learned that I have an interesting variety in the pieces and spaces I like. I love bright and bold but I’m also drawn to more clean and neutral looks. Yes, the exact opposite of each other, I know. Below is a screenshot of some of the pieces I liked within this room.

Modsy Style QuizPIN IT!

After you sort through a few rooms, Modsy will collectively come up with a design look that fits you best. I ended up with the Mod Collector. If you read the description below, it states I like mid-century modern and eclectic with a touch of transitional. If they didn’t hit the nail on the head with that result, right? Even the design photo for that result I am drawn to! haha!

Modsy Style ResultsPIN IT!

Measurements & Room Design

Now that your tastes have been narrowed down, it’s time to take some measurements and photos for the design team. Don’t worry, this is super simple and very necessary for the design time to create an authentic 3D design of your room and ensure everything fits correctly. All you need is your phone and tape measure. Take roughly 8 photos of every angle of the room(s) you are wanting to design. It is best to include a shot that displays both the flooring and ceiling of the room. Our room is basically a square so not too difficult but for those with odd spaces, etc, make sure you include it in the photos. After you captured the room, now just bust out the measuring tape and measure the length, width, and height of the room. Don’t worry, if you do have an oddly shaped room, Modsy will show you how to measure it correctly. Here is our space aka living room that requires some much needed love and attention.

modsy living room 1PIN IT!


modsy living room 2PIN IT!

The Design Reveal

It takes Modsy roughly 3-8 days to create your designs for you. I was anxiously awaiting to see what ours would be. I had faith but I’m not going to lie, I did question how well they would be able to create something that was spot on. Finally the day came when my designs were ready and my jaw dropped when I saw the completed looks. Not only did they create the most beautiful designs, they were exactly what I was looking for and I was completely blown away! Every piece was perfectly selected and they even showcased several layouts I could incorporate in my space. Here are the 3 design options I was sent. Can you guess which one I liked best?

Design 1

For this design, they kept our layout the exact same as we currently had it and revamped the room with all new furniture as requested. I absolutely love the colors they chose and wood accents. The room feels modern yet natural and they created plenty of storage space for all of games, knick knacks, etc. Also, can I just give them a high five for literally getting our wall color correct, the shapes of the entry way, and even the texture in the tile down?! Props to the Modsy design team!

Modsy Living Room Design 1PIN IT!

Modsy Living Room Design 1PIN IT!

Modsy Living Room Design 1PIN IT!

Design 2

For this design, they totally opened up the room completely. Keeping our tv in place, the design team split our seating into two creating an open yet effective seating arrangement. The kept the beautiful green plants and played more with neutrals. Honestly, this is a design I would have never consider incorporating before. In my mind it never looked this good so I’m shocked at how well this can be pulled off.

Modsy Living Room Design 2PIN IT!

Modsy Living Room Design 2PIN IT!PIN IT!

Modsy Living Room Design 2PIN IT!PIN IT!

Design 3

For this design they created the best of both worlds. They brought in the greens, neutrals, woods for the coloring and then opened the space up again. By flipping our layout around, the room has become much larger in feel which providing much needed storage still, and a spot on design that I’m obsessed with. It has everything I’m looking for and its presented in a way for me to actually visualize what our living room could be.

Modsy Living Room Design 3PIN IT!

Modsy Living Room Design 3PIN IT!

Adjust with Minor Tweaks

If you guessed my favorite was design 3, ding, ding, ding, you are correct! As soon as I saw this design I fell completely in love with it and knew it was the one for us. I love everything about the room except for one piece, the artwork above the couch. It looks great in the space but isn’t my favorite so I decided to swap it out for something that was a better fit. Yes, you read that right. One of the most brilliant aspects of Modsy is that you can literally click on EVERYTHING in the room and swap it for another piece until you have created exactly what you are looking for. Hence the virtually design your dream living room aspect, you can do it all within the design. Even better, if you decided you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, you can select new pieces you love that may be at a higher price point. Here’s what it looks like and just a few of the many, many options they offer for replacements.

Modsy Product SwapPIN IT!

Make Your Virtual Design Come to Life

Now that you’ve chosen a design and tweaked what you needed to, it’s time to make your design come to life. Here’s where Modsy also “takes the cake.” In the screenshot above you can see I have the option to add items to my cart meaning that now that your look is complete, you can simply add everything in your design to your cart. There’s no guess work on where to find the pieces, how much they are, etc. Modsy hand delivers every item to your finger tips to select. What if there is a sale on something? Modsy has your back! They constantly update pricing which means you won’t be spending a penny more than you should.

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I seriously can’t rave about Modsy’s service and design team anymore than I already have…virtually. (If you’re around me in person you’re going to hear me gush about it even more, whoops!) Their attention to detail, spectacular design ability, and unique customization process simply can’t be beat. If you are ready to virtually design your room with Modsy for yourself, designs start out for as little as $24 aka Modsy express. Ready to dive deep? You can get 20% off all other design packages using the code “WILDISH” when checking out. When you receive your designs I would absolutely love to see them. I can’t get enough of their work!

“Though this post is sponsored by Modsy, all my raving opinions are my own.”