Warrior Dash 5k Review

warrior dash 5kI have been trying for 3 years now to register and run the Warrior Dash but every year I have somehow signed up for another run on the same day. This year we made it a point to register to run the Warrior Dash as soon as we could. Its one of the few mud and obstacle course runs I have yet to complete so I was stoked to add it to my list finally.

The morning of the run was a breeze since I signed up for the competitive wave. The lines for registration, gear check(which was free!), and id check were super short. David and I were suppose to run together but since we didn’t have a sitter we had to alternate watching Baby M and running.

At 8:30am sharp I was off running! The course ran through the Dodgers warrior dash 5kspring training fields, paths, and parking lots so it was very easy and flat terrain. The first obstacles started about a mile in and were evenly spread out from there. The obstacles themselves were easy(though one of them did get a little tricky) in comparison to other mud and obstacle course runs I’ve completed. However, they did have my absolute favorite obstacle of all…a slide! I don’t know why but a huge adult size slide always gets me excited and they did a great job with theirs. It made almost every person coming down it go under in the muddy water below.

Another obstacle that they did a great job with is the barb wire mud crawl. The space between the muddy water and barbwire was close so you had to really get in there. They also did fantastic at making it not too rocky and mostly mushy mud which seems to be a hard task for OCRs in Arizona.

warrior dash 5kAfter crossing the finish line I was given a Rockin’ Refuel which everyone knows is my protein addiction or choice and headed for the showers since David wanted to run as soon as possible. Their showers had predrilled holes in pipes for you to shower off in which I was worried about but once I got under one I was pleased. There was plenty of water pressure that I was able to rinse off completely which is always appreciated at a mud run. Next I headed for the changing tents which had tables which was also welcomed. Its so much easier to lay your bags on something to change instead of getting everything more wet and dirty. Once I was semi clean again I headed out for my finisher shirt and sweet helmet to strut around in and explore the tents with.

There was a Rockin’ Refuel tent set up with coupons and their new salted caramel flavor to try if you wanted. The Warrior Dash had an awesome Shock Top beer garden set up with 3 options or Shock Top to choose from for your free beer. They also had other vendor tents as well as their food trucks to keep you around and entertained.

warrior dash 5k

Overall I throughly enjoyed the Warrior Dash and was glad that I was able to complete it finally. Though I wish there were harder obstacles, I think this is a great starter run for anyone who’s interested in trying an OCR. I also received free photos after the run which were hands down the best running photos I have ever received. They did a fantastic job at editing the skies, fire, etc to look bad ass so huge props to them!