Ways to Cut Costs on Your Nursery and Ways Not To

baby nurserySo you’re expecting a new little bundle of joy. You’ve cleared out the small bedroom near yours and you’re ready to set up your baby’s room. Here are some suggestions that will keep baby safe and comfortable without trying to spend too much.

Safety is the number one factor in a baby’s room. Check out the safety guidelines before buying or borrowing a crib since guidelines and recalls are updated regularly. Use your money to buy things that will last at least a few years, such as a crib that converts to a toddler bed. You may choose to use a bassinet or a co-sleeper in the first few months and keep it by your bed, but eventually you will need a crib.

Other baby furniture necessities include a high chair because you don’t want the food all over you and if workable in your budget, don’t forget a comfortable rocking chair or glider (with arms) for late-night feedings or rocking your little one to sleep. Very basic ones are all over in consignment shops or you could probably pick up one at a yard sale for cheap.

One of the biggest expenses in fixing up a nursery is the labor, so the best way to save money is to do it yourself! Refinish and paint (lead-free!) furniture, sew curtains (you can use cute fabric from JoAnn’s), and get grandma to knit baby blankets. Paint the walls in light shades in a color that will “grow” with the child. You don’t want a color you or your child will hate later on. If you love wallpaper, try decorating with only doing an accent wall or border just don’t get too carried away as wallpaper tends to look tacky if you don’t pick the right one. For wall decor, pinterest like crazy to find easy diy crafts to spruce up and add color to your little one’s room. Remember less can be more.

If friends will be throwing you a baby shower, register for some things to decorate the room, such as bedding, crib accessories (bumper pads, mobiles), and bright colored toys or stuffed animals. Also, maybe don’t forget about storage for these items so don’t forget to throw in some baskets and storage to your list.