West Fork Trail in Sedona, Arizona

 camping in sedonaPIN IT!Since it’s going to start cooling down soon David and I decided to head up to Sedona with a group of his friends to camp for a weekend and enjoy the fresh, unpolluted air that we go so little of in the valley. We packed up all of our gear last minute and headed down the road only to realize everything we forgot.  So just as our trip was beginning we had to stop at Target and pick up pillows, underwear, etc. The only thing I couldn’t buy again that I had forgotten was my GoPro sadly.

Finally, we reached the campsite around 8pm and was greeted by drunken friends stuffing their faces with overly large marshmallowcamping in Sedonas. We grabbed a drink, sat around the campfire, and started away with games and stories. The elevation was nice since it didn’t take much to start feeling the buzz of the night.

The next morning we decided to head out for a lovely 6 mile hike. We took the West Fork path which was easy and was shaded the whole time. I wish all trails were as nice! The directions of the trail, however, were very vague as you can see from the sign. It states to cross over 13 creek passings and you have arrived. We were like alright, let’s do this.

The beginning of the trail had these cool little cave homes so to speak, thoucamping in Sedonagh I would consider them more like hideouts to get away from the everyday. However, I guess because I’m claustrophobic that wouldn’t work out well for me back then. Moving on. There was actually a tiny cluster of hostels near the cave hideout as well that had been abandoned. The furniture was still there standing as strong as its little brittle legs could hold. I always find beauty in abandoned places.

Slowly the numbers are climbing up and up until we eventually reached number 13. To say it shortly, we were disappointed. We were hoping that we working towards some grand scene to end the trail that would be camping in Sedonajust beautiful but that site never came. We were just like “alright….guess that’s it.”

So we popped a squat on that fallen tree you can view to the right and enjoyed a granola bar as we were all starving and had a 3 mile hike back before we could eat lunch. We were situated around all the scenery when a couple made it to the end and had the same expression we did. We laughed and responded, yes, this is the end.

The hike back was just as easy as it was coming but in my mind seemed faster of course. It’s so weird how going one way over another always feels different when in fact its the exact same.camping in Sedona

That night we laid low and swapped a couple of funny stories from the night before. It did rain for about almost an hour so we played Uno in the biggest tent then roasted hot dogs, beans, and more smores over the fire. We coined ourselves the Sedona Seven and headed out the next morning.

I had a great time even though it was just a weekend trip. Nothing is more relaxing and refreshing than getting off the grid for a little while and breathing fresh air. We had such a good time that David, my little one, and I are planning another trip up before it gets too cold.