What if Your Dog Could Double As Your Personal Trainer?

training with your dogMore than ever, societal trends show that a lack of sufficient exercise is one of the biggest health issues of our time. It’s essential to find new and creative ways to help people get off the couch and get fit. So, imagine this: What if there was a way to train with your dog that could not only deepen your bond with your pup, but also help you get into the best shape of your life?

Take the story of Jack Cotter, for instance: 10 years ago, in his early 60s, this Navy veteran was struggling with his mobility after many serious injuries and had nearly given up all hope. But today, he is a changed man—he started agility training with his wire fox terrier, and has so much fun that his doctors say his health is better than it was 20 years ago!

Jack now actively practices with OneMind Dogs—an organization that teaches people how to understand and communicate with their dogs using non-verbal cues and body language (based on one of the founder’s experiences with her own deaf dog). Jack not only runs with his dog in competitions, he actually wins!

Cotter adds, “Agility training has gotten me and my dogs into the best shape of our lives. A doctor once said I’d be in a wheelchair by now, but instead I’m out running with my dogs every week. I wish I had discovered OneMind Dogs years earlier, because the training is just so easy to use—it’s like creating a new language between human and dog.”

Though Cotter states that he loves competing in agility events with his three wire fox terriers, he also believes that OneMind Dogs training can be highly beneficial to all dog owners who want to be more active and have more fun while spending high quality time with their special canine companion.