What Not To Do At the Gym

What Not To Do At the GymPIN IT!Now that gyms are being flooded with New Year’s Revolutionist I thought I’d share some basic etiquette tips on what not to do at the gym for anyone who doesn’t know or understand.

Not Re-Racking Your Weights

Come on people, it’s really not that hard. You were able to lift the weights where you need them so please just make that extra “push” to put them back where they belong. No one likes searching around the gym for forever trying to find the weights they need.

Hogging the Equipment

Now I’m not talking about someone actually using the equipment for a while. I’m talking about the person who takes 10 minute breaks in between sets to text or call a friend. Even when you ask them if they are done they say no but lie and say they will be done in a few minutes and continue texting. If it’s really that important just be polite and step away so that someone else can get their sets in.

Wiping Down Equipment

Since most people are usually sweating balls at the gym it’s only sanitary that you wipe a piece of equipment down when you’re finished. Don’t have a towel or forgot one? Easy. Gyms usually provide these nifty things called paper towels and cleaning spray for you to use. So please be sanitary and save everyone from getting whatever germs or possible illnesses you may have.

Smelly People

If you happen to get to the gym and suddenly realize that you forgot to put on deodorant please save everyone’s nostrils and work on legs that day or anything that doesn’t involve lifting your arms. There is a big difference between sweaty body order and lack of deodorant body order and the last does far more damage. Also, for the love of god please, I repeat, please DO NOT coat yourself in cologne/deodorant to mask the smell. This only makes its 10 times more obviously and 100 times more terrible to everyone around you.

Beauty Queens

If you’re going to the gym straight from work and you have a face full of makeup and your hair is done that’s one thing. If you come to the gym like this then reapply throughout that’s a whole other thing. Who are you trying to impress? Most people there aren’t looking at you thinking damn, she looks hot. They are thinking that about the girl drenched in sweat working her ass off. Not to mention the screams I’m hearing from your pores about not being able to breathe. Just throw your hair up and do what you have to do. Don’t come to the gym to take selfies that you’re “working so hard” when it’s clearly not happening.

What are some of your pet peeves at the gym? Are there any I missed that you would have added to the list?