What the Heck Is White Gold? 5 Questions About White Gold Wedding Rings

white goldIt’s gold, but it looks like silver. White gold often leaves people confused. No matter what, white gold wedding ringsPIN IT! are increasingly becoming popular. Significantly more affordable than platinum, this metal is both durable and luxurious.

We know that choosing a metal for your wedding ring is a big decision. It should be something that retains its original sheen for years to come as well as be budget-friendly. To help you figure out if white gold rings are a right choice for you, the following are the answers to the 5 most common questions about this mysterious metal.

What Is White Gold?

Unlike platinum or silver, white gold is not a pure natural metal. What that means is that it does not feature as an element on the periodic table. White gold is an alloy of gold and metals that are white in color such as silver, nickel, and palladium. To give it that typical sheen, all white gold alloys have a rhodium coating. So, essentially white gold is a rhodium plated gold alloy.

Do White Gold Rings Tarnish over Time?

While the gold alloy is resistant to tarnishing, the rhodium plating wears off after years of use. When it does, the yellowish gold alloy underneath becomes visible. However, this is an easy fix. Going to the jeweler to get your ring re-plated with rhodium fixes all the surface blemishes and makes your wedding ring look brand new.

How Expensive Is White Gold?

Unlike other gold alloys such as rose gold, white gold makes use of expensive natural metals. Apart from the cost of the gold that goes into making white gold, this metal may also contain silver and rhodium, which are both expensive. Rhodium especially is a very expensive metal. This drives up the cost of well-crafted white gold wedding rings. For reference, a 14K white gold ring with no gem weighing around 3g usually costs around $200.

How to Find out If a White Gold Ring Is Genuine?

If you are planning to buy a white gold jewelry then it’s always best to check for the official Hallmark engraving on the underside of the ring. Different countries have different codes for gold purity. For example, in Europe, the number 585 represents 14K gold jewelry.

Platinum or White Gold, Which One Is Better?

Considering both are white metals and are popular choices for bridal rings, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most commonly asked questions. Platinum is a dense metal, which means a platinum ring typically weighs more than a white gold ring of the same size. This also means more material is required to make a platinum ring, which can drive up the cost.

Platinum is more durable and resistant to wearing off compared to white gold. However, crafting platinum jewelry takes a lot of skill and effort which adds to the overall cost without adding any value. Therefore, if you want a wedding ring that looks as luxurious as platinum without paying the premium price, then white gold is a clear pick. However, if you want a ring that requires minimum maintenance and you don’t mind paying the extra dollars, then platinum is a great choice.