What To Feed Your Baby When Starting Solid Foods


what to feed your baby when starting solid foodsPIN IT!When picking out food you need to make sure you aren’t only buying foods that you are partial to. You will want your baby to experience all foods and make their own judgements on what they do and do not like. Also keep in mind that eat can take up to 21 tastings of a food to decide whether they truly do or do not like certain foods so don’t through something out just because the grimace in the beginning.

With your baby’s first foods, you do not want to mix any two foods together. You will want to keep it to single foods served for 4-5 days in a row to determine if your baby has an allergy or not. This is the same whether you are feeding your baby pureed solids or using the baby led weaning method.

For starters, some foods to avoid feeding your baby would be:

-Dairy products made from unpasteurized milk as it can contain all kinds of bacteria that can be harmful to your baby

-Honey as it can cause botulism in infants

-Home Canned food as you may have improperly canned it which can allow harmful bacteria in

-Canned food that is outdated, dented, rusted, leaking, etc.

Now onto suggestions on what to feed your baby when starting solid foods which has been broken down by age bracket. Please know that these are just suggestions, every baby is different and it is best to consult a physician with any concerns you may have.


6+ Months Old
Fruits Veggies Cereals
apricots carrots rice
apples corn oatmeal
bananas squash barley
peaches green beans
pears peas
prunes sweet potatoes


9+ Months Old
Fruits Veggies Meats
cantalope spinach chicken
melons potatoes red meat


12+ Months Old
Fruits Veggies Dairy & Grains
oranges tomatoes yogurt
strawberries carrots milk
raspberries brown rice
blackberries cheese
blueberries pasta