When to Announce That You’re Pregnant

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be a nervous yet exciting time in your life. Once you find out, it’s hard to think of anything else and it makes you more and more anxious to announcePIN IT! the news with everyone. There has always been a lot of talk and controversy on when is the best time to announce the big news of one’s pregnancy. Choosing when to announce that you’re pregnant is a big deal but before you decide at least know the advantages and disadvantages of announcing early versus later.

Sharing the News Early

If you decide to share the big news early on you will feel so relieved getting it off your chest and shouting it to the world. I know I was super impatient to tell everyone I was so excited. Once everyone knows, you can openly talk about it and start brainstorming ideas you want for your pregnancy and possibly excite your families more than expected. Some disadvantages of announcing you’re pregnant are that everyone and their mother is going to want to step forward and give you the advice you do and don’t want to hear. Now, this happens regardless of when you announce your pregnancy but doing it early on could become extremely stressful and overwhelming quickly especially if this is your first child. Another disadvantage that people should consider is the risk of miscarriage early on. Though this is a risk, you really have to think to yourself if you’d rather no one ever knew or if everyone did know and could be there to support you if it were to happen?

Announcement Decisions

It is always the mother’s decision on whom else to announce the big news too since she’s the one who actually sees the positive test first. It would be in the mother’s best interest to always tell the father first. Telling your partner first allows it to be a special secret between you two and allows him to gather his thoughts on the idea that he/she is, in fact, going to be a parent. You could do a candle lit dinner and serve nothing but “baby” foods like baby carrots with baby back ribs and apple juice or milk. You could also go to the dollar store and get random little baby things and leave them around the house and see how long it takes him to catch on!

Telling Family and Friends

There are tons upon millions of ways to announce that you’re pregnant so get creative and Pinterest away! With Evan, I announced him by sending the family Valentine’s Day cards with an ultrasound picture in it. I waited about 3-5 days before the phone calls started rolling in with everyone’s excitement. With this baby we announce he/she to the family first then posted an Instagram photo for everyone else as you can see above.

No matter when you spread the news it can be a lot of fun. You may even want to try catching all of it on video, so think ahead and prepare for the big moment. Just make sure it’s what’s right for you and your new growing family.