Why it Pays to Be Happy at Work

Most of us have felt stuck in a job that seems to have no rewarding aspects. But what if we told you that changing your mentality can also change your work life?

Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone and if it doesn’t work for you, perhaps you should consider getting another job. If you’ve tried to overcome the work blues and nothing is making you enjoy your working day, then try something new.

But first, check out these statistics and try to better your work life.

If workers are happy…

Their productivity uplifts by 12% and they take 10x fewer days off due to sickness compared to unhappy workers. So, being happy at work not only helps your workflow, it also improves your overall health. 80% of women prioritize work happiness, which shows that men don’t see their work happiness as important. But, it is extremely important!

If workers are not happy…

They often lack a sense of purpose in work. Also, 68% of workers don’t feel engaged at work, contributing to their unhappiness. There’s no wonder why a disheartening 70% of workers see their roles as just a ‘job’ rather than a ‘career’. Which is even sadder when you realize the connection between those who feel they are without a purpose and the high percent of workers who don’t view their role as a career.

What are the causes of unhappy workers?

The highest reported cause of work unhappiness is bad bosses. This shows that employers must spend more time improving the way they manage workers. Additionally, bosses should work on their team building to boost morale and develop a better employee/boss relationship.

What else can you do as a boss?

One way to create a more organized office is to invest in hr online. An organized company can offer employees and bosses security in knowing that all HR matters will be dealt with properly.

We hope that this information has encouraged you to begin a new positive mentality and given you the inspiration to change jobs if your current one isn’t right for you.

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