Why Layers are Life in the Winter

layers are life in the winterPIN IT!“This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.”

Everyone goes through the same cycle once winter rolls around. The weather drops, you get excited, and you pull out all of your cute, warm clothes. You’re all dressed to the nines when you go outside and realize you’re actually super hot! This my friends are why layers are life in the winter.


I am a hot sleeper so I need to sleep in layers when cooler weather rolls around. The ability to dress warmly when I’m up preparing for bed and then cool down by removing layers when I sleep is a must.

Cuddl Duds has proven to be a perfect option to wear at night during the fall and winter months. When I tried on my set of pajamas, I was hooked. The fit was perfect and they were so comfy. As it got closer to bedtime I was able to strip my layers as needed. My socks are always first to go then my top to just a tank.

CuddleDudsPIN IT!


Cuddl Duds come in many different prints that are too stylish to pass up on. I was in love with the print I chose and have been showing them off every night. I love that the pant is tapered like joggers. No extra fabric getting caught in the blanket and making my legs feel trapped.

The socks are covered in snowflakes and they are fuzzy. What more do I need to say? As for the top, it is long sleeved but nice and thin so you can wear a simple cami underneath as another layer.

Length of Use

When it comes to layering pajamas, you can have NO guilt wearing the same layers every night for days. No one sees you wearing the same set of jammies so you can sport them all you’d like. Daily clothing you can layer certain items but not the same outfit every day. Grabbing a quality set of pajamas like Cuddl Duds will last you months, if not years!

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