Why Maternity Clothes Are the Best

maternity clothes are the bestPIN IT!For most women, the day comes when they have to face the inevitable: the visit to a maternity store. For first time moms this is a scary thing but believe me, once you slide on a pair of maternity pants, you’ll never want to look back.

For the first few months most women can get away with the wardrobe they already have. Yes, your boobs get bigger but in the first trimester, this only makes them sexier and your waist may get wider but that’s what the hair tie trick is for. But when regular clothes just are cutting it anymore, its time to move to the maternity section.

maternity clothes are the bestPIN IT!First of all, don’t try to hide your belly, let that baby go! It’s chic to be pregnant today, and celebrities happily get pregnant and remain adorbs and glowing until delivery. Today it’s much more flattering to show off your belly than to hide it under layers of clothing. If you don’t believe that then please show me a picture of Mila Kunis not looking fantastic.

You can be a hippie…the WHOLE time.

You will be perfectly stylish and comfortable in free-flowing skirts and dresses that accommodate a growing belly. Those babies are loose and made for your now voluptuous ass. You can also embrace the wide empire-waisted and baby doll dresses that can be worn over leggings and no, you won’t look like Juno. Don’t forget how flipping cute you look in a midriff shirt now. Bring it skinny bitches! Also, your hair? Yeah, don’t worry about brushing it. Going for the hippie look only encourages you to let it air dry and not worry.

You don’t have to wear a real bra anymore.

When your boobs are growing, a bra with metallic wiring underneath is not going to cut it. Not only will it start to dig into your sides, you always will fell like you can’t breathe all day. A sports bra is a pregnant girl’s best friend.  They  allow more room and support while your boobs progressively keep reaching for an “E” cup.

maternity clothes are the best

You can wear jeans and still feel pantless.

That’s right ladies, you can feel pantless, PANTLESS. Maternity clothing has come a long way since our parents wore them. None of that tiny band at the top of the pant stuff. We are talking full stretchy spandex from the top of the pant, up! This may not sound that exciting yet but I dare you to go down to Motherhood Maternity right now and try on a pair of jeans and tell me that its not the most comfortable pair of jeans you have ever worn in your life.

There are hundreds of reasons that I could list that involve my love for maternity clothes but I’ll save you from my pregnant excitement for now. So all of you first time moms who are scared to wear maternity clothing, don’t be. Maternity clothes are super cute now and the most comfortable thing you will ever wear in your life.

What is your favorite part of wearing maternity clothes?