Wild About You Monster Valentine

monster valentinePIN IT!Valentine’s day is almost here! Are you running around trying to get together last minute supplies for your little one’s parties? Not finding much luck with those premade templates at Target? Here’s an awesome and easy option for you that is sure to not be thrown in the trash. This Monster Valentine will be the highlight of the classroom.

Wild About You Monster Valentine


Colored Cardstock
White Cardstock
Googly Eyes
Glitter Heart Shapes
Black Paint Pen
Colored Paint Pens
Printable Templates

monster valentinePIN IT!

Download and print the monster template here and the word template here.
Tip: Use cardstock to print the monster template as it will make it much more sturdy
Cut out both templates and set the word template aside.
Trace the monster template onto colored cardstock.

monster valentinePIN IT!
Cut the monster out.
Cut thin strips of white cardstock. Cut small nails and glue onto each finger of the monster. Allow the glue to dry completely.
monster valentinePIN IT!
Glue a glitter heart shape onto the belly of the monster.
Glue the hands on top of the heart.
Glue googly eyes onto the monster. Allow the glue to dry completely.
Use paint pens (or markers) to draw stripes, dots or whatever you want onto your monster to give it a little bit of personality.
Cut a black shape for the mouth, a red shape for the tongue and white teeth. Glue everything together and then glue onto the monster.
monster valentinePIN IT!Glue the monster onto white cardstock.
Glue the cut out word template above or below your monster.

monster valentinePIN IT!
Your card is ready to make someone smile! 🙂 Max loved making these with me and said that the monster was missing a front tooth just like him. It was a cute and unexpected response that I think really personalized the Valentine’s for him and his classmates.