How to Woo Your Wife For Valentine’s Day

How to Woo Your Wife on Valentine's DayPIN IT!It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for one year or 100 years, Valentine’s Day is still a holiday every woman loves. They may not always admit it or they may brush it off but deep down inside they are hoping for some kind of treat. It doesn’t have to be what you’re thinking either, the simplest of pleasures are key. Still don’t have any ideas? Here are a couple tips on how to woo your wife for Valentine’s Day.

Buy Her Flowers


You might be shaking your head already thinking this is an overdone option. Wrong. Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and more. Don’t come home with a generic bundle of roses, come home with something different and unique that she can brag about. Does she love dandelions? Grab a bundle! Does she not like flowers at all? Grab her a succulent. They live a very long time and are hard to kill. Believe me, I have no green thumb and mine have lived to seen many days before dying on me.

Clean the Floors

Yes, you read that right. Cleaning is the worse chore women have been given. It shouldn’t be this way but its the card society has dealt us. Show us you care by getting down and dirty on the floors. Have carpet? Rent a carpet steamer. Have tile? Get a grout cleaner and scrub! Believe me, clean grout will make her jaw drop in excitement.

Get a Hair Towel

I know you men love finding our hair everywhere in the bathroom or better yet clogging the drain. Make you and your wife happy by snagging up a long hair microfiber towel. Hair is most vulnerable when its wet so having an option to dry it quickly and with less friction and breakage is all a girl could ask for. I personally recommend the AQUIS Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel. It wraps easily leaving my hands free to do what I need while my hair dries which is perfect for my fine wavy hair. Not to mention, I hate blow drying my hair and this towel soaks up the excess water so easily. 

LuLaRoe Leggings


You may have heard me talk about LuLaRoe leggings in a previous post but if not, listen up men. Leggings are all of the rage and LuLaRoe has thousands of prints to choose from. They come in two comfy sizes that cover sizes 0-22 so most women will have to problem fitting into a pair. They are only $25 for a pair so it makes them a quick and easy gift to woo her with. Also, if you act now, I’m holding a giveaway to win free leggings here.

Buy Her a…

woo your wife for valentine's dayPIN IT!If you’ve really messed up this year and need to make up for it, you’re left with only one option. Buy her a puppy. No wife can turn down a cute little fluff ball of love even when she’s mad. You may think this is extreme but once she feels those sweet little puppy kisses all over her face all that madness will melt away.

  • Julie Christiansen

    HA! I love the puppy idea. Great post.

  • robin Rue

    It is mighty sexy when men clean. Lucky for my husband, I hate Valentine’s Day, so he gets off easy 🙂

  • Amber Myers

    If my husband bought me a puppy, it would go back. I am not a dog person. Now, a kitten on the other hand… 😉

    My husband got me a book and chocolates. I was very happy!

  • Glenda

    These are some great ideas. I think I would want the cute puppy! 🙂 Look at those eyes!!!

  • Elizabeth O.

    I just want some peace and quiet and a relaxing day and I’m one happy girl! Lol. These are all great ideas though! It would be nice for our hubbies to do the chores for V-Day.

  • Abby

    Honestly, flowers are cliche. I would rather him cook me dinner or buy me something that I would actually use! I don’t like it either that bouquets of flowers get so over-priced this time of year!

  • stacey

    Nope all he had to do was bring home dinner, tell me he loved me and cuddle with me on the sofa. I’m pretty easy going on that one.

  • David Elliott

    Cute ideas for gift ideas. Love the photo of the dogs.

  • Author Brandi Kennedy

    These are all great ideas! I love puppies AND men who clean! I also love LLR, but haven’t splurged on very many pairs at the moment. The photo you chose was super cute though!

  • Aish Das-Padihari

    Me and my husband are very much into Valentine Day. We have been married for 17 years now and every now and then he comes home with a bouquet of flowers and thats love for me.

  • Jasmine

    I’d definitely love the flowers, not sure about the hair towel though haha

  • Caitlin

    These are all GREAT ideas! (I especially love the idea about bringing home a succulent for a person who has a black thumb – haha!) If my husband cleaned my floors for me… well, let’s just say I’d be the happiest woman in the world 🙂

  • Milica

    Haha! Lovely post! Cleaning floors is always a good idea, Valentine’s Day or any other day. Lol

  • Ashley

    hahaha, I love the idea for cleaning the floors. hahaha

  • 9buckcrossing

    I am not a great fan of V day but I am a fan of being spoiled! My honey and I constantly have V Day, everyday. I’d rather be spoiled 364 days a year versus just the 1. Your suggestions are perfect. Plants, jewelry organizers, and any help with daily tasks are a huge win!

  • Sonya kolodziejska

    YES! How about just blitz the house or breakfast in bed? As a mother i ca testify that those things would be much appreciated. Or take the kids out for the day and let me have a day watching TV and drinking coffee 🙂