Working Out With a Body Sport Fitness Ball


Body Sport Fitness BallMost gyms have fitness balls but very rarely do I see people actually use them. Fitness balls have many uses and are an easy tool to use to modify certain workouts. For instance, I have a crappy lower back but when I use a Body Sport Fitness Ball, it allows me to do crunches, sit ups, and squats without the pain. Not to mention squatting with a fitness ball can help ensure that your form is correct as well as work your core at the same time.

My new found favorite ball is the Body Sport Fitness Ball. These particular fitness balls come in different colors depending on the size you need and are a smooth finish with ridged lines and latex free for those of you who have an allergy. Each ball size has been created for different heights to fit everyone of all sizes and also has a 500lb weight compacity. What I found as an awesome surprise is that they ball came with a hand pump, tape measure, and a pamphlet of exercises. I think that was a great move on their part since not everyone knows how to utilize fitness balls to their full potential. Working out with a Body Sport Fitness Ball can give you an awesome sweat session and can increase your flexibility at the same time. I decided to attach some fitness ball exercises that I have been using with the ball as well as the ones that were provided with the pamphlet. Feel free to try any and all of them for a challenge and if you don’t have a fitness ball then grab your Body Sport Fitness Ball here: Body Sport Fitness Ball

working out with a body sport fitness ball working out with a body sport fitness ball working out with a body sport fitness ball working out with a body sport fitness ball

 I received the Body Sport Fitness Ball in exchange for my honest review. Regardless I only share my thoughts and opinions on all products shown.