Wrong! What I Really Want For Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day posts are floating around already nudging at the men as to what “moms really want for Mother’s Day” all suggesting the same thing. I want to bathe and use the bathroom alone, not cook, to sleep in, and the list keeps going. But excuse me if I may, this is NOT what I want for Mother’s Day. Well what in the hell do you want if not all of that? Let me tell you.

wrong what I really want for mother's dayPIN IT!I WANT to snuggle my kids in bed in the morning. Though I don’t like waking up early, I would rather snuggle my kids to pieces than lock them out of the room.

I WANT to cook a big breakfast for everyone. I want to see all of their happy faces chowing down in appreciate of all their favorite foods I just made them.

I WANT my kids bothering me while I’m in the shower so we can be silly through the shower curtain while making silly faces and playing peek-a-boo.

I WANT “generic” flowers…that we pick together outside into a big bouquet even with the weeds and grass pieces that are inevitably going to make it into the bunch because they think they’re flowers.

I WANT my kids to interrupt me while I’m on the computer or reading a book so that we can go to the park and play.

wrong what i really want for mother's dayPIN IT!Why do I want all of these things? Because its MOTHER’S DAY. Its NOT my birthday. If I wanted time to myself and gifts and everything thing else then it would be my birthday. On Mother’s Day I want to be showered in my everyday mischief of being a mom of two boys. I don’t want to spend time all by myself because THEY are who and what made me a mother not myself. So for all of those posts out there suggesting otherwise, wrong. Its not for me. My dirty, smiling, privacy invading boys are what I want.


  • Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I really loved reading this. I’m in the same boat as you. I want all the stuff that most people think I wouldn’t want. One day, it will all be over! =(

  • OurFamilyWorld

    I love this post! Yes, these are also the things I want from my kids on Mother’s Day.

  • Jenna

    Exactly! Thank you for saying this. I do not want to be alone. I want to be with the one that gave me the very privilege of being “mommy”

  • Kristin

    Yes so true! That is all i want for Mother’s Day.

  • Sarh S

    I had to share this, I absolutely love it. I have to agree on your point about being showered with gifts and being alone for your birthday NOT Mother’s Day!

  • Nancy @ whispered inspirations

    Being a mother is a very rewarding feeling! The only thing I want for mother’s day is to spend it with my kids.

  • lisa

    This is fantastic. Our kids are the reason we have Mother’s Day. It’s a day to spend with them to enjoy being mothers!

  • Kathy

    What a wonderful post! I love it! These are some great things to want for Mother’s Day. It is about mothers, so we should be spending it with our kids.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    Now that my Daughter is older we like to spend Mothers Day relaxing and being pampered at the spa. It is a great way to spend mothers Day.

  • Emma Spellman

    What a beautiful posts. I always thought I was weird for not wanting to get away for the day. I would miss my boys too much. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Christy Garrett

    I love this post. Your right, children are who made you a Mother. I love snuggling and spending time with my kids too, even if they drive me bonkers occasionally. I know that when they are gone I miss them terribly.

  • Chrysa Kieke Duran

    I loved this because I have been seeing all of the posts lately about Mother’s Day. I just want time with my family! So I totally agree with you.

  • Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    What a sweet and beautiful post! You are so right, I too don’t really need extravagant gifts or anything material. I just want to spend time with people that matters me, my husband & my kids. That will always be enough.

  • Lexie

    Sweet and honest! I love this. Hope you have a great Mothers Day with your little ones.

  • Tiara Wilson

    This is bitter sweet. I love this so much. I wish my husband would be home this Mothers Day. I would love to sleep in. Have a massage. Relax and not have to worry about cleaning or anything else!

  • Erin

    I love this. I love that you’re not caving to what others expect of you but that, like me, you’re truly enjoying the blessing of getting to be a mom!

  • Terri Beavers

    Snuggling in the bed is a great gift. I’m an empty nester and boy do I miss having my kids small again.

  • Leah

    Thats beautiful <3 Having lost our mum 7 years ago we shower our dad with all these things instead. x

  • Fatima Torres

    This is such a lovely list. Although there are times I’d like my peace and quiet, I have to agree on the whole computer thing. They have needs, and sometimes they can be overpowered by our own.

  • Cindy Gordon

    This is a really sweet post. I love all of these things and think Mother’s Day is the best time to cherish them.

  • Rosey

    Right! I’m with you on this one. I love having all of the above and more around. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  • Claire Santiago

    It’s different for me, because I spent my birthday with them, like they were my boss; I spent Mother’s Day without them. I am so glad that I have their support with whatever plans I have in mind.

  • momshouotout

    absolutely true!. Happy Mothers day!

  • Lindsay

    This was so sweet. I read this and think of my mom. ❤ sometimes the little things are what we all care for 😇

  • Heidy

    I really loved this post! And that’s what I did for mother’s day I snuggled with my kids the whole day, sure we need some space and I wish to go to the bathroom without any audience but I love spending time with my kids more than anything!